Here Are The 14 Reasons You Should Start A Blog From Today

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Even you are not a writer (luckily, I am also not a writer) and don’t have any technical knowledge of HTML and CSS (at the beginning time I had not a too), although you can start your own blog (I did it) today. Here’s I will show you the 14 reasons (comes from 14 years experience) why you should become a blogger and start a blog. I really hope that the list below will encourage you enough to take action.

Few Common Reasons, but have a strength

1. Everybody has a unique hobby, definitely you too

Over the course of my life, I’ve affection a number of different hobbies: cricket, drawing, lawn tennis, video games, just to name a few. But none of them has changed my life or brought me as much satisfaction as blogging. But I have a hobby that was unique and different to all above of others. I love to share my opinion to other’s on different topics and try to give them a solution to their problems. And that was my biggest reason that today I am with you as a blogger.

2. No need for higher education

Who cares a higher degree? there are hundreds of thousands of blogger (and me too) they are doing their own blogging job without having a higher education degree and making a living on own terms. But If you have higher education, that can be helpful for your work.

3. Not required a huge investment

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You can start blogging today for free, you just need a content that loves your audience. As a blogger, you never need to invest a single penny in your blog. WordPress is the world’s most popular platform and we love it a lot. But if you want to become earn more recognition then you must go with your own domain, and Bluehost is the best for doing it.

4. Blogging is as much simple as we learned 1, 2, 3

Find your hobby, select your topic and start writing a blog from now. That is blogging. Anybody can become a blogger, only he needs passion, determination and consistency to start it. WordPress has their own Content Management System (CMS) platform you do not need to play with coding, only sign up for an account and start writing articles at your own convenience.

5. Work when you want, where you want

Who needs a big office, long distance journey from one place to another place? As a blogger, you can your work when you want and where you want. You only need a computer that is connected to the Internet, that’s all.

Become Thinker and Get Readership

6. Find problems and solve them

Always you pick a topic that is surrounding your area. People google every day to find their own problem’s solution and visit sites that are relevant to it. This is the opportunity for you or anybody who wants to start their own blog. You can get traffic on your site for a reason and if your blog is able to do it, means you have a great chance to succeed.

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7. Develop sharing and giving habits

Sharing is caring. As a blogger, you can develop your sharing habit that is not only profitable for your blog also you will get traffic for free. If your blog stands for free and useful information for your readers, means your content is able to compete to other blogs and attract more and more audience.

8. Allways up to date with the latest information

Blogging teaches you to live in the discipline. As a blogger, you need to accurate and analysed information for your blog regularly and that habit develops you who is a hunger for pieces of information.

9. Learn to live your life

Gradually you will learn through your blogging that you are able to live your life in your own style. there is no time frame for work but need consistency and determination. Either you are on work or not, your mind always tries to find something new, that is matched for your blog.

Provide Resolution and Achieve Recognition

10. Find your better version

Sooner you will feel, you have changed in a better mode in comparison to your previous version. And have to able an ability to express things with the more wide view. Through blogging, you have the chance to influence the people who land on your blog to read your content. As a blogger, not only you able to understand the problems in different ways also have the solution for them in an easy way. And that will your new and better version with the reason for your continuing blogging.

11. Inspire others with your work

There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to start their own work on the internet, but they don’t have the right path. You can give them a sight to do something with sharing your blogging experience. There is a large community of the bloggers who are doing the same and earning both money and respect.

12. Build your own community

With the use of the blogging, you can connect with like-minded people and can develop your own a community who want to serve their knowledge, experience and zeal to the people for the betterment. When People loves or dislike your content, they put the comment on your blog and with the response, you have the chance to make them amazed.

Share Everything and Generate Revenue

13. Transform your hobby into profit

As soon as you start your own blog, you will not only influence the people with your niche also you will able to make money while you are not on the work. Means your hobby now become your passive income generating quality through blogging. “Sky is the limit” to make money as a blogger. There are several established blogger who is earning not only hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, making millions of dollars. You can also achieve, but all can happen with the passion, consistency and zeal. Become a successful blogger and make money while you asleep.

14. Create multiple money making legs

You can monetize your blog in several ways, but first, you need the catchy and worthy topic that able to attract the audience on your blog. More traffic means more earning. Advertising Networks, Affiliate Marketing, eBooks, Sponsored posts, Link-Text Ads and other countless ways.

Never give up

I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say “Because of You, I don’t give up.” The Secret of our success we never, never give up.

Never Give Up, Great Things Take Time. 

Would You like to Share YOUR reasons?

Ok, so we’ve given you our top 14 reasons why we think YOU should start a blog, but you probably have some reasons of your own. So, go ahead and let us know your reasons for starting (or wanting to start) a blog in the feedback form.

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