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I am happy to know that you want to learn the secret for high paying jobs. Here I am not writing this article about some new MLM business or any other passive income stream. You can achieve these results in your current field or business, knowing what you already know.

In beginning best of all –, you can make this money consistently.

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As I learned there are three easiest ways to earn dollar 50 an hour job is: in first you need to become a doctor or secondly become a chief executive officer of a brand company (200 employees or more) or in last if you are a Stock Broker who Manage other people’s money.

So, all the above three jobs indicate that you need higher education for higher earning. But It’s also important to note with most of the jobs, you’re not going to earn $50 an hour out of the gate — you will need to stay in the same business or job for a few years.

I learned from my life that “Knowledge is the power, and never stop learning”. So, that is the way to earn big bucks. The following is a list of few high paying jobs in Information Technology, Health Care, Writing, Media, Engineering, Law and other fields that will get you earning $50 in an hour.

1. Software Developer

You love the coding, it means this job for you. Software market growing speedily and there is a lot of space for the talented coder.

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You can start the work to join any software developing company in your local are an area, if you didn’t find any suitable company for you then there are a number of freelance sites for same work.

Developed a new app for IOS, Android, Microsoft or create a new website.

after a slow starting, you will be able to earn US &50 or more in an hour as a software developer.

2. Freelance Photographer

WOW, I also love photography but sorry I am not a professional photographer if you are then you deserve for this job. Have a passion for this job but didn’t know much, Simply learn how to use photographic tools and have a high definition camera and start this profitable job from today.

Shoot the pictures, edit with creative imaginations and sell them for Newspapers, Magazines, Media Agencies or any Individual person. You can also sell your work on the internet.

If your images have the potential to attract anybody, it means you can earn a handsome money from today.

3. Copy Writer or Copy Editor

Play with words and convert them in bucks for yourself as a Copywriter or Copy-editor. Voltaire says that “Writing is the painting of the voice.”

If you are not familiar with the Style Guide, you need to learn it before starting the work as a writer.

As a Writer or editor, you will be paid by per article or per word. Your earning is depends on your proficiency in the work. US $50 or more easily can be earned through this job.

4. Media Transcripnist

Your English is good and has a good hearing, listening, language accent skill with fast typing speed, go-ahead with this job. No formal training is required for media transcription job. As a Media Transcriptionist, you will convert the audiovisual media into printable media which are suitable for archiving.

Media Transcripnist not only working as a part-time freelancer also have the full-time job in Media Transaction Companies.

There are several examples who are earning $5000 in a month so you can start your job as a Media Transcripnist.

5. Social Media Strategist

In this job, you will communicate for a company’s brand, mission and vision through new social media channels. Your growth will depend on your personal presence on social media networking sites like facebook, linkedIn, twitter etc.

If you are smart to connect the people on social media networking sites with the friendly attitude you can become a successful social media strategist.

Day by day your earning growth will go upper side and also will enjoy this job.

6. Online Content Researcher

If you have enough knowledge to create content for any business through your own General knowledge and research skill, this business for you.

Become an online Content Research consultant and support the Online Researcher through your high-quality answers which arose from them.

Successful online Content Researcher can easily put 50 bucks in their pocket in no time.

7. Internet Video Reviewer

You are tech-friendly, video game lover, serious book reader or anything else which you like extremely.  Review of above topics on camera and start your Internet Video Reviewer Job from Now.

Your sense of humour and deep knowledge is an essential part to become successful in this job.

After get expertise, you can make easily $50 or more in an hour.

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