Frequently Asked Questions about Online Home Based Jobs

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Still, have questions? Before contacting us you might want to look through the questions and answers in this section.

Does the company charge any fees to applicants?

  • No, you should not have to pay for this work. So beware of any company that charges anything.

What skills are needed to become a work at home worker?

  • Skills vary depending on the type of work. Most require workers be age 18 with a high school diploma. Qualities employers are seeking:
    • Dependability, Self-motivated, Good grammar
    • Detail-oriented
    • Basic math and Writing skills
    • Knowledge of word processing systems
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What type of work does the company offer?

  • Work at home companies are offered: Typing Jobs, Content Writing Jobs, Medical Transcription Jobs, Online Teaching Jobs, Language Translation Jobs, Mystery Shoppers, Online Market Research (Survey) Jobs and so on.

On what basis will I be paid?

  • Work-at-home workers are often paid a per page, per word, per entry, per minute or per hour rate. Workers compensated only for time spent on the work, not for time spending to come in. For those paid per basis, obviously moving quickly more money.

How much will I be paid?

  • It depends on the work nature and your own skills. You could earn the US $5 to $300 or more in a day.

How are they paid to complete project or work?

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  • Usually by Check, EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) or PayPal

What type of home office equipment is required?

  • The typical things a person will need to work from home is a reliable computer with access to DSL or cable Internet along with a quiet work environment and land-line phone if required for the position you plan to take on.

How many hours are available/required?

  • No Time Limitations you are able to schedule the hours you want to work, but you are responsible for those hours once scheduled.

What or any kind of training is required?

  • Not for all kind of work. It’s required only for a specific work, for example, Medical transcription, online teaching jobs etc.

What is the application process? How long does it take?

  • As you apply, application evaluates by a selection team if they found you are eligible they responded you by email or phone. It may take 4-5 days, a week or could be more period.

Is this work available in my state? If I move, can I take my job with me?

  • Yes, you can. Only you need to inform the related company.

For companies that hire agents as employees, do you offer benefits?

  • No, they do not offer benefits as a regular employee.

How soon can I start making money?

  • As soon as you submit your application you can start making money at home without any investment.