How to Make Money by Writing an eBook and become a Successful eBook Writer

Definitely, you have a hobby or skill, like others. Everyone has their own hobby or skill, which make them unique to others. With the use of both of them, we can sell our words through online publishing or eBook writing. if you are a novice and thinking about your poor writing skill then skip to think, only think about your mission.

Wheather you have useful skill or advice to sell or just want your voice to be heard then the ebook is the best medium for doing that in a very effective and low-cost way.

These three words can make you happy if you follow truly: Believe in yourself, Share your skill and Achieve your Dreams.

It’s a great hobby, you have to have hobbies to keep your hands busy or you’ll get bored.

How I sold 1,000 copies of my eBook in One Week (and maybe you can too).

I involved in blogging for the last 9 years and have a decent experience with it. When I had an idea to create Cloud Living, in other words, making money online, I had just finished giving away a free eBook on blogging. It was 55 pages long and included most of what I know when it comes to growing a blog. As I don’t just make money through blogging, I wanted to make an expanded guide which offered tips on search engine optimization, email marketing, social media importance and affiliate marketing.

After successfully promoting my free ebook, I wanted to write another eBook as a resource guide for people, who want to make money through the Internet to transform their hobby into profit. Therefore, I came in touch with the people who were succeeding online and have their own story to tell in front of the online world. I have converted these people’s interview in the digital form of the ebook of 115 pages, with the tips for getting things done, even anybody has a full-time job.

During the process of writing, I able to find that many people feeling greatness for my blogging tips and they all were happy with my efforts and experience.

Now, let’s see the result:

I have set the price for the ebook is as convenient as it could be, Only $7.99

My readers take it seriously and of course my content too, the first-day sale was amazing 300 copies!!! and its really get me charged for my efforts and time which I have spent on this ebook.

And at the end of the week, I have sold the 1000 copies. Wow! 1000! and I have understood that it will unstoppable. Great!

I have made $7990 in a week with the ebook and $225 from the affiliate networks links which is included in my ebook as per needs of the content.

Over $10000 in a week, I can’t believe if anybody tells me before it was possible to write an ebook and make money $10K in the week.

it’s really a new way for me that can produce money for me for whole life. And I can’t count today how much nowadays I am going to make money through my ebook.

How to start writing an eBook

First, set your goal and make sure your primary goal is not money, money will come itself if you able to solve others problems with your digital content. Before start writing an ebook, is to craft a well-written story that will connect with readers, and make them amazed with your decade experience which is gained by you through your work. In short, first, you need to detect the problems of your readers, give them an appropriate way through your work experience. That’s the real point.

How to pick a catchy topic for your eBook

The title and topic of the eBook make a massive difference in whether or not it will succeed in making money. You can understand it because there are a lot of eBooks that sell well, and a lot more than sell poorly. Nobody will like to read any book which is not able to give the solution of their problems or not make them laugh till the end of the story. So, we can say content is the King. 

Here Are Some Tips Used to Produce an Attention-Grabbing Topic:

  1. An eBook Topic That Contains Your Best Advice, Offer, Tips or Solution to Their Problem.
  2. Make a Big Promise to your ebook readers
  3. Tell Your Readers What to Do in the Topic.

Get in touch all the writing process

Once you have decided what topic you are selecting for your readers and going to write an ebook surrounding it, mean you are ready for your dream journey. There is a number of tools and software are available and you can go with anyone for creating an eBook. But I have used for it Open Office, and I will recommend it to you too.

This is completely free for life and can be used on any operating system. Sometimes we have faced the problem exporting a document in PDF with the hyperlinks and specific security settings but Open Office is fully compatible to do that all things in the very easy way.

As soon as you completed your writing task, you will need to design a beautiful cover page. I used Canva for it and it is also a free designing web portal with some limits but all are pretty good for us. Here you can design your ebook cover page without any limitations. If you need some free stock images then Pexel is the great source for that.

Once you are satisfied with your cover page design, ebook content and thinking that your ebook is ready for publishing, but before we need to set a payment procedure for doing it.

If you have your own blog or website then in my opinion, e-Junkie is the best platform to set a payment procedure. Getting started with e-junkie is quick and 100% free (30-day trial). You can upload your eBook in PDF format into their admin area, set your price, and then you will receive a ‘Buy now’ link code. 

Put your link whereas you want and it will allow you to send people straight to PayPal to buy your eBook. Once the payment is approved, e-junkie will automatically send the buyer the eBook, without you having to do anything.

Now that everything is in order and the payment processor is sorted, you’re going to want to look at promoting your eBook.

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