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If you’re a serious blogger and you are working hard on your blog, definitely you deserve to be rewarded. That’s why you’re looking for ways to monetize. Here are we have a list some of the best CPC and CPM Advertising Programs for publishers like you who are looking to boost their yield.

Difference Between CPC and CPM Advertising Programs

CPC and CPM Advertising Programs are the most popular monetizing options for fast and easy blogging earning, Especially they don’t require any special developer/monetizing skill. You just get approval from an Advertiser Programs, put codes on your blog, get paid from day one. It is as simple as nursery rhymes for anyone.

First, we need to understand the difference between CPC and CPM. Whereas CPC belongs to Cost Per Click, CPM means Cost Per Thousand Impression of the Ads.

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Assume that an advertiser bid $1.00 per click for their CPC ad and commit to a $1,500 budget. They are guaranteed 1,500 clicks. Now assume that they agree to pay a $10 per CPM for the same ad and commit to the same $1,500 budget. They are guaranteed that their ad will be seen 150,000 times.

Best Advertising Programs for Your Content

Choose from the widest variety of top-performing advertising programs, they will give you the flexibility to choose your ideal level of monetization from their advertising platform. And you can make easy money by optimized ad units for all screen sizes and platforms on your blog or apps.

Adsense: Ads you can count on

AdSense Advertising Network

No doubt, Google Adsense is the king of Digital Advertising with the millions of advertisers and publishers. World’s small to big all bloggers love it. Google Adsense paid $10 Billion to their Publishers Apply today, get approval and you can get paid as soon as you touch the threshold limit of 100$ in your Adsense Account. This Ad Program is easy to earn if you have decent traffic and great content. It pays through cheques, EFT, wire transfer, and western union.

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World’s second largest contextual Ad Network operated by Yahoo! and Bing. You can get high CPC if your blog has US traffic with great content. Most importantly any blogger can get easy approval from either his blog has low traffic.  They have a 100$ threshold limit and you can get redeem you’re earning by PayPal and Web Money. The ads offered by look very distinct in comparison to other ad networks so it is better if you have a theme which matches the ad design.

Propeller Ads: Monetize everything

Propeller Ads is an Ad Network based in the Cyprus, United Kingdom. They accept 100% International traffic from your site and they pay the highest possible CPM. Propeller Ads approval process is so easy; fill registration form, confirm your email, and get started for your journey in few minutes.

They offer several convenient ways for publishers to receive payments like Bank Wire, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, ePayments, PayPal, and Webmoney. Payments will be processed automatically and it will base on NET 30 terms

Chitika: Where data drives innovation

If You Have Traffic… You Can Make Money. Chitika allows you as a publisher’s to monetize your web traffic – no matter the size of your website or the volume of your traffic. Chitika does not make you commit to specific types of ads either. They’re Proven, Connected & Ready To Make You Money.

Infolinks: Discover what our smart ads can do for you

As online bloggers and website owners, you can monetize your websites with Infolinks while keeping the Look & feel of your sites undisturbed. Infolinks supports a marketplace of over 100,000 websites operating in 128 countries. 

Infolinks works in a way so that views and clicks count towards your earnings. When visitors engage with your Infolinks ads, you earn. Infolinks does not work with fixed CPM rates so you’re earning will vary with content, demographic location and website traffic. You can set your threshold limits in payment section, the default minimum payment limit is $50. You have various payment option at Infolinks payment section.

RevenueHits: Let Your Site Generate Maximum Profit for Minimum Effort

RevenueHits owned and operated by INTANGO LTD. RevenueHits is the simplest way to convert your digital assets (blog or website) into a passive income property. RevenueHits will display the most relevant ads to your audience, to help you boost conversion and make more money from your ad space. 

Bidvertiser: Where Optimization Meets Transparency

If you are a beginner and your blog have only limited traffic, try BidVertiser. Because if you have a small website that generates revenue slowly, with BidVertiser you get paid faster. Also, it has $10 minimum threshold limit and pays by PayPal, Payza, wire and check.

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