Work From Home Online Typing Jobs

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In this post, we’ll give you information about the different kinds of online typing jobs you can earn money from home without investing a single buck before or after joining. Pick any one or more from the below list as per your skill and interest, and start your earning from scratch, without any hesitation.

Especially, for the typing jobs, we should never underestimate the importance of typing speed and accuracy.  Also, if you have a huge command of the English Language and the ability to solve spelling problems or deal with grammatical errors is an advantage for making money.

The popular types of jobs for making money online from home with typing skill include:

General Transcription Typing Jobs

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If your typing skill is good and accurate, and you are also a good listener too, then transcription is a great typing job from home for you. This job involves you to listen to and type up audio files such as dictation, lectures, interviews, speeches, podcasts, and videos into readable texts. You have to work to tight deadlines often but you can do it around your own schedule.

But if you have a specialized transcribe knowledge then there are also specialized medical or legal transcription services for you. These jobs require some specialized or professionalized training before letting in the job.

Data Entry Typing Jobs

If you love digits then data entry typing job is perfect for you and you can take advantage of online data entry jobs as a money making tool. These typing jobs entail you help enter numbers or letters from one file to another. Data entry is simply taking data provided by a company and entering it into some sort of system, application or spreadsheet. For instance, you may be required to fill in a database of numbers, codes contacts etc. from one page to a spreadsheet file.

Or, you may be asked to fill in specialized online forms to the details, etc. This type of typing job can be done online or offline as per clients need.

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Captcha Typing job

You can earn money by typing in Captchas. You get to help solve the Captcha problem for clients by typing the text formats of the provided image format using the given software.

You only need basic typing skill to earn money this way and the more Captchas you solve the more money you are likely to make.

Online Writing Jobs

Writing for others is also belong to typing job. You may be required to write (or type) blog posts, articles, slogans, ebooks, advertisements, slogans, quotes and other similar content to be used by websites and companies. You earned money according to the quality and speed of your work.

Writing projects could be real-time or based on your own schedule. The website providing you with the project reserves the right to instruct you on the steps needed or how to complete the project.

Copywriting Jobs

This type of writing entails you write business advertising and publicity copies for clients.

You would be asked to write or rewrite sales letters, promotional adverts or newsletters to help businesses attract customers.

This way of earning money through typing requires some level of business writing training.

Apart from the above, there are still other types of online typing jobs. You should take advantage of the areas where your skills lie.


We Recommend You Get an At Home Typing Job Today

We think online typing jobs can be an awesome first step to get your foot in the door with online work from home positions but it appears you’re going to have to put in a lot of work to make a livable wage. If you’re wanting to help supplement your family’s income or are just looking for some easy work to fill up some time or as a side hustle, then one of these above online typing jobs might be a good fit.

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