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Mobile app and web developer

In IT Job sector, Mobile App Developer and Web Developer Job is a very popular stream. Because every business has a desire to spread their business through online marketing and for that, they need to an effective presence on the online platform with the help of a mobile app and website. So, in this field, there are a lot of opportunities for an app developer/web developer to work as a part-time or full-time employee or as an online freelancer. If you are thinking about starting a career as a mobile app or web developer but confused with your limited knowledge and presentation skills. Don’t worry we have a fantastic list for you.

Three must term to enter in this field:

  1. Techno-friendly – it will be helpful to develop your skill and knowledge.
  2. Business minded – better market understanding will make you more successful
  3. Have an innovative idea – Your unique concept will helpful to cut your competition.

Educational background:

To enter in this field you don’t require any special education degree. Your educational stream can be arts, commerce or science.
If you love coding, it means this job is for you.

How to become an app developer:

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You need to join a certificate course for mobile app development.

To become an android app developer, learn android fundamental certificate course approximate in 60 hours and most importantly you can learn this course in free from udacity.com.

As per US Job data, an Android engineer salary can be $52000 – 154000 per annum.

To become a successful IOS app developer you need a strong foundation in app programming. With the basic programming knowledge, you can complete this course in three months short period. You can start learning this certificate course from udaicity.com

As per US Job data, an IOS app developer is hiring from $55900 to $ 133000 per annum.

After the completion of the certificate course, you can start your career as an intern app developer to join any company. At present there are many IT startups company are hiring freshers for app development.

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