How to Calculate Your Estimated Earnings For Google Adsense

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Google AdSense is the easiest and quickest way to make money online with a blog and every blogger have a desire to make money with the Google AdSense through their blog. If you have an approved Adsense account with an active blog, you may be want to know your per day, per month or in a year estimated Adsense earning.

Estimated Adsense Earning = (Your blogs Page Views x Page Click Through Rates) / 100

You can calculate your estimated earning with the help of the above formula or you can simply enter your data into the below calculator.

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Maybe you never think that how much money you can make with your work as a blogger, If Yes then you must need to know to inspire yourself with other’s work.

We have a small list of first three multimillionaire bloggers who are not only making hundreds or thousands of dollars in a month although making millions of dollars. Now we try to know, how much they are generating through their hard work, passion and most important with the purposeful content:

  1. Arriana Huffington’s with Huffington Post: $14,000,000 per month
  2. Peter Rojas founded Engadget and acquired by AOL, Engadget earning is $5,500,000 per month
  3. Rand Fishkin is the purveyor of the world’s most successful blog about search engine optimization and his blog Moz earning is $4,250,000 per month

Dreams don’t work unless you do. So, push yourself, no one else going to do it for you. if you want to earn as same as they are, then know How Much Traffic Do You Need To Earn $100 Per Day With Google Adsense. It will give you a clear view to use all of the basic terminologies of Adsense.

“If you are persistent you will GET it, If you are consistent your will KEEP it”

Why You Need to Calculate Your Adsense Earning

A dream becomes a Goal when the action is taken toward its achievements. That’s why you need to set your goal and keep trying until you reach. As a blogger, you need to learn how many visitors your website needs to attract to make money through Google AdSense. To achieve your targeted earning you need to know the number of required audience for your blog and through calculation, you can boost yourself to do more activities for better results.

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The Required details that you will need

To Calculate Your Adsense Earning you need to Cost per Click, Number of Page Views and Page Click Thorough Rate.

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